Narra is a milk tea brand that is free from artificial flavors & dairy. Narra’s branding was created from scratch at The Working Assembly, and I had the pleasure of designing out their website using all of the colorful textures and illustrations that made up the brand. For the website, we wanted to push the boundaries and make the cans interactive with the scroll in the homepage hero, which would capture the interest of anyone who visits it and encourage them to scroll further down or click into each flavor. Before the footer on every page is an interactive shuffle image game where the user can win a coupon. Everything from product hovers to the cart slide-out was custom designed to echo the vibrant brand.
Digital Designer at The Working Assembly, site developed with Studio Freight. Designed alongside Sarah Sprinkle at TWA.

Check out the live site here
*If you’d like to try, they’re currently stocked at Whole Foods!